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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Koh Chang Trip

Made a trip to Koh Change last weekend with Mike, Apidi and Sarah. Mike wanted to check out a sail boat (50 footer Catalina I think) and invited me to join him. This is my third trip to Koh (Island) Chang. Previous two trips were in middle of August and we were drenched in rain the whole time we were there. And this third trip, you guessed it, again ended up being in middle of August. But luckily no rain this time. 

From City of Trad you take a ferry to get to the Island.  Koh Chang is very mountainous. Is the second largest island after Phuket and is in Gulf of Thailand near Cambodian border. Island probably is about 20 by 10 miles big. When you got the mountains and shores - you've got the best of the both world. Reminds me of Hawaii.

Quite an imposing sign that sits on this tall mountain next to the pier. It always reminds me of the movie scene with the line "Welcome to Jurassic Park".

Just another point and click drive-by-shooting with no particular thought or preparation thinking it would trun out ok. This was near the pier where we went sailing on this beautiful sail boat.

This is a decommissioned US Naval vessel that city of Koh Chang had acquired  - with Mike at the helm near captain's deck. They will sink this boat off the coast to be used as a reef for divers. Mike saw it from highway while driving back after sailing. We got there - few Thai Soldiers were guarding it - but to our surprise they let us climb it. It was a giant iron beast with lots of rust.

Self potrait!!! If that counts. This was below the captain's deck. I am sure this mirror has seen numerous faces in its lifetime with thousands of miles of journey in open seas. Not sure if the mirror will survive during the sinking - in such case I am the last face it will reflect I thought - as I took this photo. The round marking around the hole to the left is for them to cut a bigger opening so that divers can swim through the haul inside the ship. 

If you like lots of rust you have come to the right place. This was on the bow of the ship. Almost looks like a cannon stand. The contrast of blue and rusty red caught my attention.

Evening Skies over Koh Chang.

Standing at the same place few minutes later.

Once the sun set beautiful array of color splashed all around us. 

Will be adding more pics.

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