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Monday, November 26, 2012

While Loitering in KTM/PKR

After EBC Trek I did quite bit of loitering around in KTM and PKR. Needless to say took oodles of shots. Will post few ones here in coming days. Below six are taken all with iPhone 4s. The quality is not there to that of full  frame DSLR. But suffices for a drive-by-shooting.

In Bhakatapur at Thanka Painting Center. I saw these discarded paint bowls by the window as I was going down the stairs. Made an interesting frame.  iPhone 4s

Wooden Canoes at Fewa Lake at PKR  iPhone 4s

Yup - the same.  iPhone 4s

More wooden canoes against the backdrop of evening sun and blue mountains.  iPhone 4s

Temple run around KTM. Not sure which one it is though. iPhone 4s

Garden of Dreams Thamel.  iPhone 4s

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