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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Luang Prabang

Looking over into the east end of the town from Phousi Hill. Later afternoon with patchy clouds.

Mekong River as seen from Phousi Hill - sun was setting soon.

Look at them dramatic cluds - Mekong River as seen from Phousi Hill

This is Nam Khan river which soon joins the mighty Mekong in less than a kilometer behind you. You can see the main drag through town and the yellow temple that caught my attention.

This temple sits on a foothill on ease end of town and can be clearly seen from most places as seen in previous photo. We decided to check it out. We though it would packed with tourists but we were the only one. 

This is Kung Si waterfall. About an hour of hike from the nearest road. I was simply blown away. This is the most beautiful waterfall I have been to date. It was a visual feast. Took loads of pictures.

This type of temple defines Luang Prabang and most of Laos.

Entrance to the museum.  Nothing in terms of photo subject or composition really!!! Just a tourist shot to claim been there done that I guess.

Inside the museum grounds. Again, one of those touristy photo. Not much of composition.

Kung Si Water was a visual feast. 

Back in town. Another look of the town from Phousi Hill. You can see Nam Khan River and the yellow temple I mentioned above.

This temple with red wall and bright shiny probably defines Lunag Prabang. 

One more pic of the Kung Si Falls. Couldn't get enough of it!!!

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  1. Nice Photos bro, Plz can share ur itinerary m planning in December